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About Us

About Us

Welcome To Balaji Scrap Recycling & Trading.

Your dependable partner for scrap metal services in balaji scrap recycling and trading pvt ltd . We specialize in offering a wide variety of metal scrap to the companies and organisations that procure scrap metal . Our service-oriented mindset ensures the highest degree of customer pleasure while our ecologically conscious approach makes sure you’re making a contribution to a future that is more sustainable.

Balaji Scrap Recycling

We Are Best

We are an additional definition of innovation since we are adept
at turning garbage into useful items. We have been in this business
for a very long time and provide the greatest service to our

Our Mission
To safely and efficiently handle our customers regulated recyclable materials and lower their environmental liabilities towards a sustainable green environment. We focus on procuring waste material to create a new items that contribute to a pollution-free world.
Our Vision
With our enormous sourcing , strength and past domestic experience over a decade . We aim to make the bussiness profitable for our associates by sourcing and trading the products from the trade beneficiary zones to give the client best cost advantages for thier recycled product.
Our Values
Provide excellent customer service, assisting customers in understanding the recycling process and helping them maximize the value of their metal scraps.

Board Of Works At Directors


Khagendra Singh


Jivesh khemka